How to Choose Your Louisiana Self Storage Units

don't choose a louisiana self storage unit that is run down
Would you want to store your items in a place like this?

There are plenty of options when it comes to Louisiana self storage, but only a few of the self storage companies in this state are worth your time. While pricing should definitely be part of the overall decision making process, you also need to remember that quality is still important at the end of the day. You need to think about what kind of storage facility you need for your things if you are going to find the best Louisiana storage units. Here are some of the main factors that you need to keep in mind before you make your final decision:

Check the Condition of the Storage Facility

You should always visit a storage facility before you pay for the first month because you need to make sure that the facility will not fall apart while your stuff is stored in one of the Louisiana self storage units. Make sure that you actually inspect the building and the unit where your things will be stored before you make a final decision because the structural integrity of the Louisiana self storage facility should be a top priority at the end of the day.

Talk with the Staff

Another way to learn about a self storage facility is to talk to the staff. Are the people working at the Louisiana storage units like friendly? Do they seem generally interested in giving you a good experience while they have your business? It’s important to have a friendly relationship with the staff at any storage facility because you need to know that they will be able to help you out if you ever run into any serious problems. A good test to see if a storage company has good customer service is to see what kind of offers they make when it comes to bringing all of your things to your new storage unit.

Read the Fine Print

Even if everyone involved with your new Louisiana storage units seem rather friendly, you still need to read the fine print of the agreement. There are plenty of scams and less than favorable conditions that can be placed in a self storage contract, so make sure that you understand everything involved in the agreement before you sign the dotted line. You should also make sure that you understand if there is a lease on your storage unit because some people only need to use the unit for a few months rather than an entire year.

Go with the Company that Can Meet Your Demands

At the end of the day, you need to go with the Louisiana storage provider who is going to give you what you need. If there are specific perks that you need included with your self storage package, ask the staff about those features before you sign anything. Most self storage companies will be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to getting your business, so they will more than likely do whatever it takes to make you happy. You should always make sure that you shop around when it comes to self storage because that is the only way you can make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.







Dealing with Clutter Using Queens Self Storage

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At one time or another, almost every family goes through the experience of having too much stuff and nowhere to put it. This can get extremely frustrating, especially when furniture, clothing and other household items that aren't being used are simply taking up space in a home. The problem can be seriously enhanced when an individual or family is moving into a smaller home, apartment or even a dorm room. Newly married couples who are blending families often also find themselves with two of everything, but are not eager to just sell or trash an entire home's worth of belongings that could easily be used by their kids or even themselves in a few years. One practical solution to this is Queens self storage.

Queens storage units allow families and individuals to safely store their extra personal belongings, whether they are furniture, clothes, heirlooms, old documents or other things that must be kept but are taking up too much space at home. Removing the extra clutter from a home or living space is one of the biggest favor any homeowner or renter can do themselves, as they will almost always find themselves with significantly more living space than they had before as well as a more streamlined lifestyle. The use of Queens self storage to keep belongings safe and sound is a wise choice for anyone who simply has too much stuff to accommodate at their residence.

When using Queens storage units, it is important to remember to store items in a way that will ensure their long-term protection, especially valuable items which may be vulnerable to deterioration. All clothing and furs should be stored in garment bags and with mothballs for the ultimate preservation of expensive fabrics and other garment accessories. For certain types of furniture, a climate-controlled storage unit is preferred, as it allows wood furniture to be stored without the threat of warped or cracked wood, peeling finish and other aesthetic or structural damages. Without climate control, furniture can be very vulnerable to the elements in a storage unit. Heirloom photographs and documents should be stored in plastic cases with a locking seal to prevent air or moisture from entering the container. Photos should also always be stored in acid free albums to prevent fading. This storage method prevents photos and albums from climate damage, rapid aging and becoming brittle.

For many Queens residents, the use of a regular or climate-controlled storage unit is an elegant solution to the issue of space. As New York residents know, living in one of the five boroughs often means sacrificing a spacious dwelling for a quality neighborhood and a reasonable price. When residents just don't have room to store things at their home or apartment but know they have future use or are simply not ready to part with them, the use of a storage unit can provide a great temporary fix for the issue. For a reasonable cost, Queens residents can have the peace of mind that comes with having their belongings stored safely, securely and properly in a place where they can access them when necessary. To cut down on clutter in the New Year or a new home, consider storage units in Queens.






Nuances in Louisiana and New Orleans Self Storage Law


Louisiana's Self-Service Storage Facility Act was passed in 1981. Self storage facilities do not fall under Louisiana statute Title 10. Instead, the Self-Service Storage Facility Act is part of Title 9, starting with section 4756. While Louisiana has historically resisted the Uniform Commercial Code, Louisiana does not require the self-storage facility to go to court to act upon the lien which is considered the private enforcement of a possessory lien. New Orleans self storage facilities must follow Louisiana state law.

Louisiana Law and Storage Liens

Louisiana allows the New Orleans self storage facility owner to take ownership of the contents of the unit after the occupant has failed to make payment on time. The contents can be sorted through by the owner and items kept by the owner, sold at auction or a combination of the two. The lien can be settled by the owner taking possession of the property and keeping it if the value of the items is less than what is owed and satisfying the claim for all rent due.

Louisiana statute 10:9-504 states that the creditor can sell, lease and dispose of the collateral after default. In theory, the self-storage facility could claim the property to satisfy the lien, settle the lien in full, and then donate the property to charity. The owner can also buy items at fair market value and apply that amount toward the lien. If the owner buys the items for less than fair market value, he or she could be sued. If the owner loses the judgment, the penalties are up to three times the value of the property lost plus the winner's legal fees. Louisiana also allows employees of the self-storage facility to bid on items in auction, something forbidden in some other states. However, owners who regularly sift through items and keep the better ones may lower their reputation with auction buyers. Louisiana does not hold New Orleans self storage owners liable for the low amounts received if the property was sold at an open auction. For example, if the lot is sold at an open auction for $1,000 and the contents are worth five times that much, the $1,000 is applied to the lien and anything over the money owed is considered the property of the former tenant. The purchase price set by buyers who could not assess the value of items locked in chests or did not bid up valuable antiques is not the fault of the New Orleans self storage owner.

Louisiana law specifically states that the self-storage facility lien is inferior to a chattel mortgage. While other states are unclear on whether or not a car in storage can be sold at a self-storage property auction, Louisiana's Self-Service Storage Facility Act was amended in 1989 specifically to state that the liens held by a bank, institution holding the car note or even a "cash for car titles" lender are clearly superior to the storage facility lien.

The right of self-storage facilities to take possession of the property was reaffirmed by Louisiana Supreme Court case number 98-CA-1959, Harry Price versus U-Haul. That case challenged self-storage liens under the 1981 self-storage act as a violation of the due process clause of the U.S. Constitution, where judicial review is necessary before someone's property can be taken.

Louisiana Law and Bankruptcy

According to Louisiana statue R.S. 13:3881, the bankruptcy exemptions that protect personal property from seizure like household goods and clothing does not prevent the self-storage facility lien from being executed. And property repossessed for failure to make a car payment or reclaimed by the lender during the bankruptcy takes precedence over a self-storage facility lien.






De-Clutter your Life with Baton Rouge Self Storage

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Stacks of belongings that are not used daily, but still cannot be thrown away are there in every house. Such items keep piling up due to varying needs, changing trends/technologies, products becoming obsolete, or extravagant shopping sprees, etc. However, the big problem arises when such items cannot be dumped or thrown away. There could be many reasons for this, maybe you may feel that you may use them in future, or have some old memories associated with the items. You can easily resolve this situation by hiring Baton Rouge self storage facility as it is best option for storing such items, which may otherwise lead to cluttering inside the house. Problem can be acute for all those who live in small houses or apartments, as these things create unnecessary stress in life.

Baton Rouge self storage offers you a great opportunity in the form of requisite storage space to store all your belongings that are creating a mess. The storage option allows you to sieve all unused or little used items that are taking up space in your house and store them in a special and secure personal storage space thereby making your apartment or house clutter free. With more free space, you can keep frequently used essential items, including decorative pieces. Best of all, you can get Baton Rouge self storage units at affordable rates, with good discounts if you want to rent them for longer periods.

Since 1990s there has been a significant increase in the popularity and usage of storage facilities as they offer a safe and affordable storage space to businesses and homeowners for all their needs. Baton Rouge self storage has really come off age, and now offer climate controlled units for storing documents, goods, equipment for long periods. Professionals such as lawyers, accountants, or doctors have to maintain records for certain number of years can use these storage units instead of renting expensive storage space.

Many facilities also offer an option of packing, transportation, and safely moving-in all your belongings to the storage units. Some facilities also receive various freight deliveries for their customers. All these facilities employ professional staff for handling different types of goods from clothes to boats, to various types of household good. They have facility to store even temperature or humidity sensitive material. Most of them offer manuals and guidelines that can help you in preparation for your storage process.

You can get units in different sizes and security options, and you can choose the best one according to your needs. Most of the units offer 24/7 surveillance, round the clock access, and individual door alarms and computer controlled access. Many of these units have a rack system that increases the storage capacity of each unit. You can get them at monthly rental and if you are not satisfied with the service or do not need the unit anymore, you can cancel the contact any moment.

You should do adequate research before choosing a self storage facility for your belongings. It is best to rent one that is local to you as you can save time and money on gas, especially if you want to access you storage unit several times in a month.






Jefferson Self-Storage Upholds Quality Standards

CC storage


Jefferson self-storage upholds three main aspects which ensure the storage facility stands out among all other self-storage providers. These crucial aspects are;security, convenience and quality. Jefferson self-storage proudly serves the Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Murrieta and Wildomar regions. We serve all our customers equally and with profession. Whether you are a business entrepreneur who is in need of file storage, a college student who is around for summer, a family that is on transit from one area to another or a business with inventory overflow, our team of professional and experienced staff with ensure you get top-notch security, convenience and quality.


Jefferson self-storage offers climate control units which are special storage units that have controlled temperatures between 55 to 85 degrees. These temperatures are crucial for protecting your personal belongings, vehicle and boat from extreme temperatures. Jefferson storage also offers you ski equipment storage units, paddle boat storage units, vehicle storage units, holiday and festive goods storage space.


Jefferson storage operates on month to month basis and offer online bill payment services. This is advantageous as it saves time. In addition Jefferson storage offers boxes, locks and moving supplies for purchase. Each customer has a personal lock and key which will ensure security to your personal belongings.


Here at Jefferson self-storage, we offer you nothing but the most advanced state of the art security. The security details feature individually alarmed units, top-notch surveillance cameras as well as secured gates. We also offer discounts to members of the military. Another additional feature that we are offering is the unique chance for you to earn $25 for each and every person you refer to us for rental purposes. 


Jefferson storage also offers a free truck that will move your belongings for free to and from the facility up to sixty miles. The qualified team of staff will assist you in loading and offloading your belongings.


The low prices we offer for our rental services will definitely ensure that you definitely come back for our services. Five by five CC storage unit goes for $61. This space is enough for small furniture such as tables and chairs, business records, personal records, clothes and seasonal items. The five by ten CC storage units which go for $85 dollars per month, has space which can hold numerous personal belongings and furniture.


A ten by ten dimension's storage unit is large and can offer all the contents of a two bedroom apartment, commercial inventory storage, numerous storage boxes, lawn furniture and many more. This storage unit goes for $125. Another unit which can hold a higher amount of belongings is the ten by fifteen dimension's storage unit.


There are numerous large storage units such the ten by twenty five storage units which go for an affordable $230 per month. This unit can hold contents of a three bed roomed house, large equipment and machines such as computers, office furniture, lots of huge boxes and garage items. There is also another large unit which measures, ten by thirty five and is large enough to accommodate major appliances.







Tips on Finding a Good Louisiana Storage Company



Are you a type of person who is not interested in getting rid of anything? A filthy house means a filthy life! Storing your excess household belongings at Louisiana storage units can help you in making your house or apartment clutter free. When searching for a good storage facility in your area, you will find many companies offering this facility in your town or city. Many of them are big providers and offer complete security, 24/7 access, fire safety precautions, easy access, climate control and comprehensive insurance. So how to choose a good Louisiana storage units close to your house?

You should go online and search on the Google Maps for Louisiana storage units close to your place. You can also find more information about them on Google search engine. Searching online for these units will also help you in determining whether they are located at good location near the main road. By choosing a facility close to your place, you can save time and money that you may otherwise spend in moving your stuff to and from the unit.

Read reviews! You should hire storage units only from the reputable service providers. You can easily find whether any unit is bad or good by going online and reading reviews on it by their name, or location. Learning more about the service from present customers who have been using it since long will help you in making an informed decision. Aside from this, you can also post your questions on blogs and forums. People share their opinion on blogs and forums, and would be happy to guide you in this matter. They will help you in answering questions you may have about Louisiana storage units.

Once you shortlist few storage companies in Louisiana, you should visit each place and talk to its manager to see if they are indeed professional and competent. Before renting the storage unit with any facility, you must ensure that operator of such facility has long list of satisfied customers. Seek answers to all your questions, as this will help you in making a informed decision. You can also ask them about any deals available to new customers. It can save you lots of money.

You must also ensure that Louisiana storage units you are considering are clean. Many units showcase amazing pictures online but are not actually that clean, and may try to mislead you. If some storage facilities are close to your house, you should go and check them personally to see if they indeed offer everything that they promise. You can also check the size of unit you are interested in to see if it is fit for your needs.

Before signing up with a storage provider, you should do some due diligence for choosing the best company that can provide you full value for your money. You must understand that it is difficult to switch from one company to another later on, so choosing a best company will save you from unnecessary headaches and costs later on.